Townstone vs “Sales People”

New job creation was only 38,000 in May, many say so what, well for home buyers and people with a 30 year fixed above 4% or a 15 year fixed, above 3.5%,  it’s a huge deal.  Why?  Because Friday,  interest rates continued their downward trend giving many a second chance to refinance or go purchase the home of their dreams.  What’s your interest rate, do you know?  We do no cost refinances and I guarantee there are zero hidden costs.  It’s a fact.  Stop paying too much each month on your mortgage.

Everyone wants to automate the home mortgage process, go to the gas pump and there’s a commercial about it.  Townstone has streamlined a great deal of the process but I want to assure you that there is a vast difference when you contact us.  We have 14 years of experience in making sure your home loan closes on time, so behind all the automation are a group of highly trained professional loan expertise who are actually checking all your information to make sure you don’t get a phone call right before closing giving you bad news.

While the rest of the industry is moving towards “sales people” to speak with you and then a hand off your loan to someone you have never spoken to, Townstone is committed to only hiring and training full time Loan Officers who can and are your personal advisors from the very start all the way through your closing.

There definitely is a difference at Townstone, let use show you, give us a call today, 312-896-2110 or