Townstone Financial Show 6/23/18

This week’s Townstone Financial Show on AM 560 starts out with a bang!

Home mortgage rates finally taking a breather from week-over-week spikes, loan applications are up because of the tariffs our President is putting on China!

Unfortunately, there is STILL a lack of home inventory making it harder to find a new home at a reasonable price, however, Barry thinks more properties are coming on the market recently, is he correct?

Zach thinks the market is demanding more “starter” homes, but home-builders seem focused on only bringing $500,000+ priced new construction homes to market.

Why are the laws of supply and demand FAILING the all-important housing market? Sherri Crawford tells us what she is seeing in the market, and we discussion the privatization of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae with Frank Pellegrini of Prairie Title. Could this change be bad for the average home buyer? Watch On Facebook