Townstone Financial Show – 4/7/18

Free advice from experts. Doing your taxes, we have 5 things to be careful about from a CPA. Are you a Veteran, or investor we have a property to purchase with no money down using a VA loan. Looking to buy something with a partner or friend, we have an attorney to answer how it should be structured. Watch On Facebook

Townstone is LIVE after another wild week. Kris Novak discusses spring things to do so you don’t get bugs in the house or water. Kris also has a great property for sale by Castline Properties and Frank Pellegrini of Prairie Title has all kinds of legal real estate advice if you want to purchase a home with a partner.

CPA Patrick Noone gives you five red flags that the IRS will catch you on. Gloria Simpson has a 4 unit property that will require no money down with a VA loan.

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