Townstone Financial Show 10/13/18

It was a volatile week for bonds and the stock market. Good arguments on both sides predicting where things go from here. Anyone who tells you they “know” should be a Billionaire by now… Watch On Facebook

On the mortgage-lending side of things, we’ve got some eligibility updates. Poor credit USED to be the primary reason that lenders turned borrowers away. Now, the data shows “Debt-To-Income” as the #1 reason for mortgage application denials.

That’s not what we’re seeing first-hand at Townstone though. The last year has brought a variety of new programs making it easier to qualify today than any time in the past decade.

Joshua Berngard of Exit Realty joined us to discuss downsizing since the market segment will only get larger as more ‘boomers retire.

Katie Troccoli of Washington Square Realty joined the conversation from Ottowa, IL and why the expense and hustle of city-living is not for everybody.

On the commercial side of things, Sylvia Reyna of Bradford Allen explained recent changes in commercial real estate and the things you and your business need to consider in 2018.

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