Presidential Debate, anyone win, anyone watch?

Who watched the debate, or should I say who didn’t? My first thought was that Mr. Trump didn’t do very well because he kept interrupting Mrs. Clinton but then I listened to the analysis after the debate and it made me think again. There are lots of unhappy people living in the United States and Clinton represents what is currently happening in Washington whether that is reality doesn’t really matter, it’s the way most people look at it, and Mr. Trump made that clear at every opportunity. No doubt Trump has plenty of people who can’t stand him no matter what he says but it’s interesting that a guy as polarizing as Trump has made it this far. Confusing, but also interesting, how is this happening?

How could Trump be so close in the polls to Clinton if all the experts I listened to after the debate are correct and he is an unqualified clown who was ill prepared for the debate and is going to end the world if he becomes president? I think that is what a lot of the so called experts don’t understand, how is he still so close in the polls, well I have the answer, its simple, it’s because so many of us are not happy with what’s happening in Washington today and not happy with what has occurred there for the last 12 to 16 years so anyone from outside looks better than what we have.

Across the county our school systems aren’t doing very well, in fact, in Chicago they are not only broke but broken. People no longer trust the police and we really don’t hear much from Washington on a solution for the schools or the police. Our social security system is going broke and I didn’t hear a word about it last night. I also didn’t hear a word about how to fix our roads or airports or how to retrain all the people who have lost jobs in the rust belt and elsewhere. Did either of them have any solutions? I mean a real solution, and cutting taxes isn’t going to solve everything. What about health care, in IL three of the companies who were in Obama care are exiting Dec 31st and one has gone out of business. Didn’t hear word about that yesterday.

My take, it’s embarrassing that in a country with such great minds and talent we can’t find two better qualified candidates who can give the American people what they need which is solutions and a written plan to at least a few of our current problems. I would love to be behind one of the candidates but at this point I have heard absolutely nothing from either of them that will solve the real problems and concerns that most Americans have.