I just read this on another web site

I just read this on another web site

“Most mortgage companies want to steer you toward a mortgage option that is best for them. “

I don’t know if they are talking about pre 2008 but most mortgage professionals are only interested in helping the borrower.  I truly believe that.  Maybe they are trying to scare borrowers?  I am so tried of reading about other mortgage companies and people in Washington say this and that about mortgage professionals, I have met thousands over the last 20 years and the vast majority are good people.

Furthermore, I really don’t know how they educate you by supposedly making the entire mortgage process online.  At Townstone we talk on a phone directly to you and actually convey our knowledge so you really understand all your options.

I also know for a fact that some loan officers are better trained and more knowledgeable than others and some companies require their loan officers to make a certain amount on each loan which in many cases causes the interest rates and closing costs they offer to be extremely high.

Why Townstone? Because we have better trained loan officers than the majority of people we compete against and I can’t remember the last time we lost a deal based on interest rates and closing costs.

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