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Townstone Financial Show 11/3/18

The clocks are pushed back an hour for some much-needed extra sleep! Watch On Facebook But your daylight savings is NOTHING compared to the savings we’re achieving for our new and returning mortgage customers. We had a great show  with Realtor Extraordinaire Frank “Campo” Campobasso who was LIVE from an open house right at 3049… Read more »

Townstone Financial Podcast 11/2/18

Can I buy a home with 1% down? Even less? Watch On Facebook You asked for it, Townstone delivers! New down-payment assistance programs available through Townstone are making it EASIER to buy your first or hundredth home for qualifying borrowers. Last week it was rehab loans and our wide range of products is only expanding…. Read more »

Townstone Financial Show – 10/27/18

We hear the phrase “downsizing” all the time, but what about the reverse? “Upsizing”? Watch On Facebook We’ve always had people selling their homes in order to buy “bigger”, but it’s been trickier to get financing for your current home in order to renovate to make your current home “bigger”. After a long hibernation, renovation… Read more »

Townstone Financial Podcast 10/25/18

Millennial Home Ownership Continues to Lag Watch on Facebook As sung in the classic musical Bye Bye Birdie, “Whats a matter with kids these days?” Millennials are trailing the boomers in home-ownership rates. Is it economics, societal change, or a little of both? They are getting married later and having fewer kids. Is their transformation… Read more »

Townstone Financial Show – 10/20/18

We had a great show Saturday! Stocks and Bonds were up/down/sideways/all ways the past week which has caused anxiety for smaller/individual investors. But many are seeing opportunity in others’ panic. Watch On Facebook October is STILL Cybersecurity Awareness month. We’re talking with Bart Barcewicz of B Suite Cyber Security on the latest data breaches and… Read more »