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Townstone Financial Podcast 6/21/18

Rates taking a little breather for the time being, but the purchase market is as HOT as ever. So how should you ACTUALLY shop for a mortgage? And how do you pick your Realtor? Watch on Facebook Visit for a FREE Consultation and catch us again on the Townstone Financial Show every Saturday at… Read more »

Townstone Financial Show 6/16/18

Happy Father’s Day! Barry and Zach are LIVE recapping the week in mortgages and real estate in today’s episode of the Townstone Financial Show. Kris Nowak of Castline Properties talks about a house he is fixing up and getting ready to sell. Frank Pellegrini of Prairie Title talks some retro 2008 Countrywide Financial, could we be… Read more »

Townstone Financial Podcast 6/13/18

When the Federal Reserve speaks, markets across the world react. Today, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell announced an increase to the Federal Funds Rate with the possibility of 4 increases this year instead of the previously expected 3. What does this mean to you? Should you actually care? Barry, Zach, and Alec are live with… Read more »

Townstone Financial Show 6/9/18

Your #1 mortgage and real estate show is LIVE. Join Barry, Zach, and Alec for today’s episode of the Townstone Financial Show. Maureen tells us what its like to buy a home today vs. 4 or 5 years ago, you will be surprised what she says. Jimmy, a Realtor from Baird Warner, discusses what being… Read more »

Townstone Financial Podcast 6/7/18

Today on the podcast, Barry, Zach, and Alec give a “first week of June” mortgage market update and talk about why all potential homebuyers need to call Townstone instead of the “other guys”. Watch On Facebook For better service and lower rates/costs, fill out a free consultation at today!

Townstone Financial Show 6/2/18

For the first time in 130 YEARS, more young adults live with their parents than with partners! What does this mean for the future of housing? Your #1 mortgage lender Townstone is working overtime to reverse this frightening trend! Watch On Facebook Remember to fill out a FREE consultation at or call 312-896-2100 to… Read more »

Townstone Financial Podcast 6/1/18

Last day of May and rates have dropped from their 4-year highs. Scared to have your credit report run, we explain how it works and why most people have nothing to worry about. Watch On Facebook Remember to visit to get in touch with a Real Estate or Mortgage expert for your next home purchase or… Read more »

Townstone Financial Show 5/26/18

Townstone Financial Show Memorial Day Weekend Edition! Let’s remember the people who died while serving in the country’s armed forces. Today we talk about VA loans and how easy they are for our Vets to use. No money down 100% financing. Also, smaller banks and credit unions got a break when part of Dodd-Frank was… Read more »

Townstone Financial Show 5/19/18

New research from Charles Schwab shows that 3 in 5 Americans live paycheck to paycheck. How can you help yourself out of this vicious cycle? With mortgage rates hitting 7-year highs, is any relief in sight? What does this mean for the Real Estate market in general? Join Zach and Mark, Frank Pellegrini of Prairie… Read more »

Townstone Financial Podcast 5/17/18

Question, do you watch CNBC? Do you think the government should force builders to construct more affordably housing? Please answer in the comments below, Barry thinks most people dont watch the markets or CNBC. Zach thinks there is an affordability issue; not enough started homes being built. Interest rates are still very low vs. the last… Read more »