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Townstone Financial Podcast 4/19/18

Should I put 20% down on my next home purchase? With the SPRING purchase market in full swing (even if the weather doesn’t seem to agree), Barry and Zach discuss your mortgage options when buying a home in 2018. Watch On Facebook Remember to visit to get in touch with an expert for your… Read more »

Townstone Financial Radio Show 4/14/18

April showers (and snow!?) bring a hot purchase market and Townstone makes it easier to qualify for your dream home. The guys talk about co-signers, give spring home maintenance tips, and answer your questions. Watch On Facebook There’s STILL time to donate to Misericordia’s Candy Day fundraisers on Friday, April 27 and Saturday, April 28!… Read more »

Townstone Financial Podcast – 04/12/18

Why aren’t Chicagoans selling their houses? Zach, Bary, and Alec discuss. ALSO: credit scores for many will jumping up next WEEK, tune-in to know how and why. Watch On Facebook There’s STILL time to donate and jump-start Misericordia’s Cady Day fundraisers on Friday, April 27 and Saturday, April 28! Lou Manfredini is trying to raise… Read more »

Townstone Financial Podcast 4/5/18

(TRADE) WAR! What is it good for? Should you be floating or locking your mortgage rate today? Why do the markets seem so confused? Almost the end of another wild week for markets. Barry and Zach are here to recap. The Townstone Financial Show will be live again this Saturday at 1:05PM livestreaming here on… Read more »

Townstone Financial Show 3/31/18

Spring is here and the hot housing market is only heating up! What do you need to know before buying or selling in 2018? Is your privacy at risk if you’re a member of a homeowner’s association? Tune-in for the top three insights from mortgage experts Alec and Zach. For a free consultation, please visit… Read more »

Townstone Financial Podcast 3/29/18

3% – the NEW 5% Are you eligible? Zach and Alec discuss the latest in mortgage eligibility because 2018 guidelines are making it easier to buy than ever! Make sure to fill out a free consultation TODAY to see what new house you might qualify for. Watch On Facebook

Townstone Financial Show 3/24/2018

Barry, Zach, and Alec are talking home purchasing, mortgage refinancing, credit enhancement, and taking listener calls on the Townstone Financial Show. What is a first-time home-buyer supposed to do with so much misinformation out there? A Rocket will take you to the moon, let Townstone take you home. Watch On Facebook