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Townstone Financial Show 8/18/18

Low rates and inventory have created a “seller’s market” in real estate for the last several years, but is that finally coming to an end? Watch On Facebook Home-builder sentiment hits lowest point in almost a year as affordability becomes a bigger worry. Zillow appears to be entering the mortgage business as other smaller lenders… Read more »

Townstone Financial Show 8/11/18

The Townstone Financial Show : Your #1 Mortgage and Real Estate Program was LIVE! (Watch On Facebook) Aging Housing Stock; Problem and Opportunity! The median for owner-occupied homes was 31 years in 2005. Today, it’s 37 years! Even with the strong economy, millennial’s are still staying with their parents instead of starting their own households,… Read more »

Townstone Financial Show 8/4/18

And we were LIVE Saturday on Facebook and radio on AM 560 The Answer! Another day, yet another Wells Fargo scandal. This time dealing with denied mortgage modification applications. Will the bad news ever end for them? Next, with LIBOR set to disappear in 2021, what does that mean for the financial products currently tied… Read more »

Townstone Financial Show 7/28/18

Time for your weekly dose of reality: Townstone Financial was LIVE!  Watch On Facebook Mary from talks about how horses are helping to treat war veterans. The President of A-Plus, Rick Moskovitz talks natural products to kill your pets issues. Frank Pellegrini from Prairie Title talks the CFPB with Zach and Barry. Sally calls… Read more »

Townstone Financial Show 7/21/18

What a wild week and this episode Townstone Financial show on AM 560 had it all! Watch On Facebook Outlets like CNBC are pushing inflammatory headlines like “70% of millennials regret buying their homes” but is that true? The President says the FED should slow-up on rate hikes and the 30% gains in the market… Read more »

Townstone Financial Show 7/14/18

Untapped home equity is higher today than any time in the last decade! What are the best ways to tap that? And  when should you do a cash-out refinance vs. a home equity line of credit? Watch On Facebook Zach and Alec are later joined by Realtor Linda Schwartz discussing market expectations for Chicago and… Read more »

Townstone Financial Show 7/7/18

Townstone Talks Insurance! With Mortgage Insurance, Title Insurance, Home Insurance, Flood, Condo, Renter’s… it’s almost impossible to keep track! Zach of Townstone Financial is joined by Special Guest Attorney Frank Pellegrini of Prairie Title as they discuss the differences between the variety of products labeled as “insurance” and why it’s important for you to know!… Read more »

Townstone Financial Show 6/30/18

Did you know that the information on your homeownership and mortgage is available to the public via the county recorder’s office? Many unscrupulous companies scan these records to target homeowners with unnecessary and costly products. Do you have an adjustable home equity line? Do you even know the terms? If not, visit today for… Read more »

Townstone Financial Show 6/23/18

This week’s Townstone Financial Show on AM 560 starts out with a bang! Home mortgage rates finally taking a breather from week-over-week spikes, loan applications are up because of the tariffs our President is putting on China! Unfortunately, there is STILL a lack of home inventory making it harder to find a new home at… Read more »

Townstone Financial Show 6/16/18

Happy Father’s Day! Barry and Zach are LIVE recapping the week in mortgages and real estate in today’s episode of the Townstone Financial Show. Kris Nowak of Castline Properties talks about a house he is fixing up and getting ready to sell. Frank Pellegrini of Prairie Title talks some retro 2008 Countrywide Financial, could we be… Read more »