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Townstone Financial Show 10/13/18

It was a volatile week for bonds and the stock market. Good arguments on both sides predicting where things go from here. Anyone who tells you they “know” should be a Billionaire by now… Watch On Facebook On the mortgage-lending side of things, we’ve got some eligibility updates. Poor credit USED to be the primary… Read more »

Townstone Financial Show 10/06/18

The unemployment rate announced Friday (3.7%) is the lowest since December 1969! Rates may be heading upwards, but the economic outlook remains positive. Watch On Facebook We have the GM of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices northwest Indiana Craig Frendling on providing a market update and his predictions as we barrel towards year-end. Jason Lucchesi, founder of… Read more »

Townstone Financial Show 9/29/18

One day after Facebook notified users of a data breach affecting over 50 million people, we’re talking with cyber-security expert Bart Barcewicz about how you can best protect yourself and your business from the “bad guys” WATCH ON FACEBOOK Later, we’ll be joined by downsizing expert and senior moving specialist Todd Howard of Keller Williams… Read more »

Townstone Financial Show 9/22/18

With rates increasing over the last two weeks, Friday finally saw a small dip back down, but the expectation moving forward is a higher interest rate environment. What does that mean for the real estate market, homeowners, and future home buyers? Watch On Facebook We’re later joined by Douglas Martin, the Director of Economic Development… Read more »

Townstone Financial Show 9/15/18

With the end of 2018 just around the corner, what are YOU doing to set yourself up for success in 2019?  Watch On Facebook Lots of special guests and experts on this week’s episode: The guys are joined by Mary Hensley from New Beginnings Therapeutic Riding Foundation discussing their upcoming “Barn Raiser” fundraiser on October… Read more »

Townstone Financial Show 9/8/18

10 years since the financial crisis: lessons learned and can it happen again?  Watch On Facebook Pretty much everything in Real Estate has changed in the last decade, so today, we’re talking INNOVATION with top industry professionals that are hitting the future running to see what their secret is in 2018 and beyond. Reverse Mortgages… Read more »

Townstone Financial Show 9/1/18

Happy September! With only 25% of 2018 remaining, the year has flown by! Watch On Facebook Why do American households have so much credit card debt? Secrets to saving money, lowering your credit card debt and having enough money for that first house or a bigger house, we talk budgeting and common sense. Megan R…. Read more »

Townstone Financial Show 8/25/18

With record property appreciation over the last decade and signs pointing to it slowing, you need to be SMARTER than the crowd! Don’t be fooled or scared by inflammatory and misleading headlines! Watch On Facebook Whether buying a new property or refinancing your current one, you need to make sure you’re working with a team… Read more »

Townstone Financial Show 8/18/18

Low rates and inventory have created a “seller’s market” in real estate for the last several years, but is that finally coming to an end? Watch On Facebook Home-builder sentiment hits lowest point in almost a year as affordability becomes a bigger worry. Zillow appears to be entering the mortgage business as other smaller lenders… Read more »

Townstone Financial Show 8/11/18

The Townstone Financial Show : Your #1 Mortgage and Real Estate Program was LIVE! (Watch On Facebook) Aging Housing Stock; Problem and Opportunity! The median for owner-occupied homes was 31 years in 2005. Today, it’s 37 years! Even with the strong economy, millennial’s are still staying with their parents instead of starting their own households,… Read more »