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Townstone Financial Podcast 11/2/18

Can I buy a home with 1% down? Even less? Watch On Facebook You asked for it, Townstone delivers! New down-payment assistance programs available through Townstone are making it EASIER to buy your first or hundredth home for qualifying borrowers. Last week it was rehab loans and our wide range of products is only expanding…. Read more »

Townstone Financial Podcast 10/25/18

Millennial Home Ownership Continues to Lag Watch on Facebook As sung in the classic musical Bye Bye Birdie, “Whats a matter with kids these days?” Millennials are trailing the boomers in home-ownership rates. Is it economics, societal change, or a little of both? They are getting married later and having fewer kids. Is their transformation… Read more »

Townstone Financial Podcast 10/12/18

DOW, DOW, DOWN! The S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average were down over 2% between Wednesday and Thursday. Many are scared, selling-off to stop the bleeding. Others see opportunity, using the drop as an opportunity to buy low. Mortgage rates took a little hit earlier this week, but are currently holding steady. Who knows… Read more »

Townstone Financial Podcast 10/4/18

It’s been a wild week in real estate and finance. Amazon announces their new $15 hourly wage. Housing inventory numbers are up, but so are rates…  Watch On Facebook Barry and Zach are here to discuss with their thoughts and analysis. Winter is Coming! So head over to to fill out a free consultation… Read more »

Townstone Financial Podcast 9/21/18

Freezing your credit is now FREE! You can thank an update to the Fair Credit Reporting Act for that. Watch On Facebook Zach and Alec discuss protecting yourself and your information. Amazon recently opened a “cashless” store in Chicago without a checkout, good idea? Catch an entire hour of the Townstone Financial Show on Saturday… Read more »

Townstone Financial Podcast 9/14/18

Help me, help you! Watch On Facebook Townstone talks buying or selling with a contingency and the changes we’re seeing in the real estate market heading into the final stretch of 2018. There’s still time to refinance and/or consolidate your higher interest rate debt, just call 312-896-2100 for a free mortgage analysis to see if… Read more »

Townstone Financial Podcast 9/7/18

Reverse Mortgages: separating fact from fiction. With so much misinformation out there, the guys discuss why you need to consult with a Townstone expert before you start the process. Watch On Facebook Is it still a good time to consolidate that higher or adjustable interest-rate debt? Depends on your situation! Remember to visit or… Read more »

Townstone Financial Podcast 8/30/18

Zach and Alec give a mid-week mortgage and real estate update before we head into the long weekend! Watch On Facebook Will it be a busy weekend for real estate, alcohol consumption, or both? The guys debate, you decide! Rates have shown little movement in the last few weeks, but how long will it hold?… Read more »