Can I still buy a home in 2018? (Townstone Financial Podcast 12/3/18)

With 2018 winding down, we’ve been getting calls from perspective buyers asking if we “can close a loan in 30 days”. The Answer is “OF COURSE, we are consistently closing our purchases 30 days or faster.” Watch On Facebook

This means that Townstone could get your purchase contract this week and STILL let you close your loan before the new year.

And while it’s been a rough year for rates, these last two weeks have been a GREAT time to get your mortgage rate locked-in. 10 year treasury is trading below 3% for the first time since September!

So for any of you looking to close on a purchase in 2018, time isn’t on your side but call 312-896-2114 today to see where you stand.

Also a great time for a mortgage and financial check-in whether you plan to buy next year, 2020, 2021, or even never! Doesn’t hurt to review the numbers.

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