Brexit, you went to sleep last night hearing the name and still don’t care and don’t know what it is.  Here is my prediction after trading and being involved in financial markets since 1989, everything will be ok, short term there will be some bumps in the road but one countries decision isn’t going to end the world.

The United Kingdom voted to exit the European Union which they had been apart of since after World War 2.  Why does it affect your breakfast in the USA, well your 401k, and IRA got  hit a bit this morning so don’t look at it, but give it time things will get better.

Remember, the U.K. is important but Germany runs Europe from a financial perspective and as a betting man I assume the Germans will weather the storm.

On the home front mortgage interest rates will be down a bit today after increasing for the last week or so, therefore, it’s an opportunity for some people to refinance.  Give me a call 312-896-2110 or drop is a line.  Will be happy to give you some no cost refinance options.