All Good Things Must Come to An End… (Townstone Financial Show 11/17/2018)

It’s the last episode of the Townstone Financial Show for 2018! Watch On Facebook

Zach Schwartz of Townstone Financial is joined by Randy Barcella Host of Real Estate Revealed for the final episode of the Townstone Financial Show of 2018 before we join forces to bring you the most exciting partnership since peanut butter met jelly.

Frank “Campo” Campobasso joins us to discuss his prediction for a market correction in Real Estate and what your Realtor needs to be doing in this changing marketplace.

Director of Economic Development for McHenry, Douglas Martin, joins us to discuss how changing demographics and a younger/less-experience workforce is impacting cities across America.

Finally, it wouldn’t be the Townstone Financial Show without Frank Pellegrini of Prairie Title joining our final segment. Probably the best mind in real estate law right now, unquestionably the best real estate attorney in the state of IL.

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Happy Holidays!