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The Townstone Financial Radio Show 03/18/17

This week’s edition of the Townstone Financial Show on 560 AM the Answer featured Kris Nowak, Realtor, Castline Properties, talking about the residential real estate market and a few of the properties Castline currently has for sale.  In addition, Zach tells the world why Kris was in his new condo’s shower, thankfully by himself, but… Read more »

The Townstone Financial Radio Show 02/25/17

Zach and Alec talk with Sheri Crawford about her take on the real estate market.  Prairie Title’s Frank Pellegrini discusses esigning loan documents and why it hasn’t happened on a widespread basis.  Barry calls in with some email questions about reverse mortgages and switching from a 30 year fix to a 15. Watch On Facebook

The Townstone Financial Radio Show 02/12/17

The Townstone Financial Radio Show 02/12/17 hosted by Barry Sturner, Zach Schwartz and Alec Schwartz.  The guys talk about titles with Prairie Title’s Frank Pellegrini and also show you why an adjustable rate mortgage may be your best choice vs a 30 year fixed. Watch On Facebook