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Townstone Financial Show – 01/20/17

The guys talk about Zach’s experience looking for his first house and Barry describes how he went about buying homes during the 90’s, is he really that old?  Alec explains why he rents a house vs. buying one. Watch this episode on FaceBook

Townstone Financial Show – 01/13/17

The guys talk some politics and how the new administration might affect home mortgages. Rates hits a 2 month low and now is the time to get prequaled for your spring home purchase. Finally, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, if any one wants to help get their son or daughter into their first home… Read more »

Townstone Financial Show – 12/23/16

The guys celebrate one year of podcasts with a battle over, no not mortgages, but Apple vs. Windows laptops. Barry tells everyone what he does every year at this time to make sure his finances are in good shape, of course he suggests reviewing your current mortgage but also says to take a look at… Read more »

Townstone Financial Show – 12/09/16

The guys are tired of hearing that obtaining a mortgage is so difficult. They bring on one of their latest customers for her take on the mortgage process, and how it’s true that nobody wants your mortgage business more than Townstone-Barry guarantees it and he owns the company. Listen as a current customer tells you… Read more »