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Townstone Financial Podcast – 03/09/17

Knowledge is power, this week’s episode of the Townstone Financial Show Podcast featured the guys ranting and raving about Zach escrowing his property taxes. Want to know how long you have to wait to purchase a house after a BK, foreclosure or short sale, the guys have the answers right here. Plus Obama care debate… Read more »

Townstone Financial Podcast – 02/17/17

Barry thinks that all the money the big banks have paid in fines comes back to bite the consumer because bank fees get increased to pay for those fines so the consumer always loses. Zach doesn’t agree. Alec talks about buckets and what that means in the mortgage industry. Watch on Facebook

Townstone Financial Podcast – 02/03/17

The guys talk about Zach’s pending first home purchase, what’s making him so nervous, and everyone needs to be listening to the Townstone Financial Show’s comeback this Sunday at 1 p.m. central time, on 560 AM the Answer! Watch this episode on FaceBook

Townstone Financial Show – 01/27/17

Zach makes an offer on a house, was it accepted?  Alec let’s everyone know why an online pre-qualification to purchase a house is simply not the way to go, call an expert who will take the time to see things a computer can’t. Watch this episode on FaceBook

Townstone Financial Show – 01/20/17

The guys talk about Zach’s experience looking for his first house and Barry describes how he went about buying homes during the 90’s, is he really that old?  Alec explains why he rents a house vs. buying one. Watch this episode on FaceBook